Who We Are

Start your journey by choosing the right tour operator. Indeed you may have been waiting expectantly until today before choosing one. If you have arrived at this point, you are obviously a strong willed person who’s not easily discouraged, so lets get started.

What makes Moyo Africa a good tour operator in East Africa? There is no real magic about it – it is merely immense experience and continuous attention to innovation. We strive to offer you a compelling reason to partner with us in your luxury travel. It is our opinion that the African tourism industry operators as a whole have never offered you such a nourishing reason.

Our scouting teams spend a considerable amount of time exploring the heart of Africa for the most pristine and exotic African flora and fauna. In a good year, we discover and develop two or three such tours and safari routes. Every one of our organised tours and safaris therefore provide new adventures and endless points of interest not yet explored by other tour operators.

Hence the name “Moyo” Africa – “Moyo” a Swahili word for “Heart”. We go further, deeper exploring what our forefathers discovered. While on your luxury holiday, you will forget the hours, the worries, the familiar city hassles and bustles. The rough world you live in fades away –grows dimmer – unreal. Only the pristine surrounding will be real and the vision it brings. Visions as beautiful and as nourishing as the wind blown clouds and drifting moonlight that is today the envy of Africa.

This is the time for you to ‘shop’ and ‘buy’ wisely. We are confident our specialty – cultural tours — is second to none.

They discovered. We explore.