Underwater Photo Tour

Several reputable water sports company offers short and advanced scuba diving in case you are new to the sport, as well as hiring of under water equipment including video and still cameras. Your photography work would be wonderful at the Chumbe island coral park, Menai Bay Conservation Zone, Mnemba Island Marine Park and the Stone Town Marine Park. Chumbe island Coral Park has immense beauty and bio-diversity, the sanctuary is in a pristine state, the reef crest, encompassing a spectacular array of hard corals reefs.

The Stone Town Marine Park is endowed with some of the best and most varied dive sites in the world. Water is clear Blue Ocean, with a world-class coral formations makes the park a prime location under water photography. The visibility is usually very good, the water is warm and the marine life is diverse and innumerable. Shoals of fish weave and dart around in kaleidoscopic ballets, and playful Octopus, Cuttlefish, Sea Urchins, and Sea Cucumbers can be seen at every point.