Stanley Historical

Stanley historical tour is another unique package innovated by Moyo Africa. It takes you in to the life experienced by the early European explorers, missionaries and slave traders. The tour follows the historical route taken by Dr. Henry Stanley’s travel across Africa as documented in his book titled “Through the Dark Continent” published in 1899 in London.

The Route creates a synthesized tour especially developed by Moyo Africa for the connoisseurs’ travellers in Africa. The tour starts from Zanzibar through Bagamoyo to Ujiji, in the shores of Lake Tanganyika, and includes a visit of the national parks, national reserves, and Lake Victoria. This tour can be extended to Zambia’s / Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls.

Moyo Africa’s Stanley Historical tour is aimed at recounting and to follow the footsteps early explorers, missionaries and Arab slave traders. This is a unique tour package that no other tour operator has ever featured, and is solely devoted to our special customers.