The Datoga Tour

Hadzabe of Tanzania after hunt

Successful Hadzabe Hunting Trip

Datoga Cultural Tour is our newly innovated package outside the traditional tourist circuits. This tour provides for you a blend of traditional cultural experiences, beautiful scenery, and wildlife. Along the way you will:

  • Learn the way of life of the Datoga, Iraqw and Hadzabe tribes;
  • Experience the untouched areas of Northern/Central Tanzania consisting of Mt. Hanang and Mt. Kwaraa;
  • Visit lakes Babati, Balangda, Bassotu and Eyasi in the Great Rift Valley.


Your journey starts at Arusha and heads to place of the twisting snake’s tails, crocodiles and camel riding – Meserani Snake Park, about 25km from Arusha. The Park is home to both non-venomous and highly venomous snakes. It has 75% of all spices of snakes found around the World, including the Southern Africa Pythons, Rufon Beaked Snakes, Egyptian Cobras, Puff Adders just to name a few.

Meserani is a semi-arid land or “desert savor in Tanzania” and is where Tanzanite gemstone is mined as well as the land of the Maasai.


En route to Babati, you will visit other games  – the Tarangire National Park, Minjingu Phosphate Mining and Vilima Vitatu (Three Hills) – enjoy the view of the Southern shores of Lake Manyara, take time to watch flamingos fishing along the lake and catch a good view of Rift Valley escarpment. Other activities will include visiting pottery centre to see the winnowing pans, traditional mats, baskets, and animal ropes.

Traditional Dance of the Hadzabe of Tanzania

Hadzabe Traditional Dance

The tour moves to Magugu, a rice growing area. A semi-arid area with water logging that favours growing of rice. You can participate in transplanting, weeding or harvesting before departing to Babati town for an overnight stay.

The next day you will visit Babati district is in the Rift Valley, south of Lake Manyara Park and west from Tarangire. The town boasts Lake Babati where floating hippos can be seen, the lake is  rich in fish, both Tilapia and Nile perch. Here commercial and farming tribes co-exist with conservative cattle herding tribes, providing a distinct cultural contrast.

After visiting B abati, hike the volcanic mountain of Kwaraa, which has a crater lake and visit Kisima cha Mungu (A crater filled with water), farming tribe of Wagoroa.


The five (5) day Datoga Cultural Safari is much more enriching, including the two and a half days trips narrated herein above and other fascinating excursions.

Day1: Start at sunrise by watching more than 400 spices of birds on your way to Katesh, about 70KM on Babati -Singida road. Katesh is home to Datoga Culture.

A relaxed day where you can mix freely with people and gain cultural insights, taking pictures together while learning about Datoga marriage, religious rituals, local taboos, etc. including the Datoga traditional ceremony for constructing a pyramid like structure where elderly men are buried in an elaborate passage ceremony known as ‘Bung’eda’. End the day seeing how they make the goatskin gowns, the ornaments, and partake in a drink of the famous honey brew called ‘Gisuda’.

Days 2-4: Early in the morning you will resume your tour by hiking the beautiful Mt. Hanang’.  Three summits rise up from the Datoga (Mang’ati) plains – the highest at 3,417m – Mt. Hanang’ has one of the most beautiful peaks in the country. The mountain offers a good view of the Rift Valley, Soda lakes – Balangida Lalu and Balangida Gidewari, the Datoga plain, Udamaschoki, Jorodumu and ‘Gawali’ – famous Datoga villages.

Canoe Fisherman Lake Bassotu in Tanzania

Canoe fishing on Lake Bassotu

After eight hours of excursion, you will head to the shores of Lake Balangida Lalu for lunch under the shade of an acacia tree where you will also enjoy a view of several of bird species. After lunch, stop at an area with a litany of Datoga blacksmiths or ‘Gidang’odiga’ called the Mogitu village. There you will learn how the Datoga make spears, knives, hoes, rings, knives, and other tools.

Your tour will continue to a nearby village named Ming’enyi to experience the traditional way of cereal grinding; using two grinding stones (‘Udamarega’). Datoga have made maize, wheat or sorghum using the grindng stones. You can try your hands in this art of cereal grinding. After an hour at Ming’enyi village, Bassotu, another Datoga town will be your next stop. Along your way to Bassotu, you will pass by wheat plantations at Malbadaw, Secheti, Kidagamoli, Wareti and Munjari atop of Rift Valley’s Escarpment. After your stay with the Hadzabe, enjoy your lunch at Mang’ola Onions’ plantation while engaging in onion watering, transplanting and packaging.

After this long safari full of nature discovery of life time, you will drive off Rift Valley Escarpment to Karatu, commercial town adjacent to Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara National Parks. Enjoy your evening while witnessing sun set at the top of Wonders of the World, Ngorongoro Crater.

Day 5: Half-day game drive at Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara National Parks. You will enjoy seeing a tropical sunset at the edge of Ngorongoro Crater while driving to Serengeti National Park for evening spent at Serena campsite.

Follow-on: There are several options; you may decide to visit the source of the Nile – Lake Victoria, fly to the Gombe Chimpanzee game reserve, bungee jump over Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, visit more parks, or head straight to Zanzibar for weekend rest.  Moyo Africa will customise the package to your desires.

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