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Moyo Africa of Tanzania Datoga Tour

An Elder Eating From a Traditional Guard

In Tanzanian culture, “Shikamoo” is a Swahili greeting showing sign of respect to those older than you, the word literally means, “I hold your feet”. Moyo Africa will design a fully customized culture tour for a group of 6-40 or more. Your cultural holiday will be escorted, participatory, environmentally responsible, thoroughly enjoyable and memorable for you and your group.

The scope of cultural tours will entail first-hand experience of the lifestyle of various tribes in Tanzania including the:

Each tour will showcase the traditions of indigenous culture (i.e. festivals, rituals, customs), their values, history, art, architecture, religion that have shaped their way of life for thousands of years.

This however does not denote a limitation on cultural tours that can be organized by Moyo Africa, but rather examples of a few interesting areas, please find below three of the Moyo Africa organized tours – The Datoga Cultural Tour, the route Dr. Henry Stanley took, and a Swahili Culture tour in Zanzibar.


Datoga Cultural Tour is our newly innovated package outside the traditional tourist circuits. The tour provides you with a blend of traditional multicultural experience of the Datoga, Iraqw and Hadzabe tribes, and beautiful untouched scenery of Northern/Central Tanzania consisting of Mount Hanang and Mount Kwaraa; the great north Rift Valley; and Lakes Babati, Balangda, Bassotu and Eyasi, and at the same time enjoying the ecology, marine life and game viewing as part of your safari.


Stanley historical tour is another unique package innovated by Moyo Africa. It takes you in to the life experienced by the early European explorers, missionaries and slave traders. The tour follows the historical route taken by Dr Henry Stanley’s travel across Africa as documented in his book titled “Through the Dark Continent” published in 1899 in London.


Zanzibar is the ideal epitomizer of Swahili culture, a crossroad of cultures, a melting pot of influences, where Africa, India and Arab meet. Zanzibar Archipelago was the centre for trade between the Middle East and Far East, trading in slaves, ivory, timber and gold, while importing spices, glassware and textile to East Africa.

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